Das Auto or Das Semiotics?

I understood that In Semiotics, denotation and connotation are terms used to describe the relationship of the physical form (denotation) and the meaning expressed behind what you can see (connotation) but I felt like I still needed to research the whole concept of Semiotics before I could make my own post on it.

As simple as this example is it made it completely click for me and if you’re slightly confused as well I hope it can for you.semiotics-for-beginners-7-728 Yes a heart, I know I said it was very simple but really think about it when you get asked to draw a heart you draw a love shaped heart but if you get asked to write down words or ideas associated with a heart you write down things like life, blood, emotions, body etc and then you begin to realise the actual image of the heart is the denotation and the image of the love heart is the connotation.

Semiotics is used within advertising to attract the audience through and image whilst also getting a message across. Volkswagen is car brand that has a range of different ad’s using semiotics.

Here is one for examplevolkswagen-advertThis advertisements purpose is to advertise an electric car made by Volkswagen. As you can see the advert is extremely simple, with a plain blue background, two tower blocks, an electric plug symbol, a gas pump symbol, a picture of the car and the logo of the brand with the name of the new product and phrase to add meaning.

The connotations are shown through symbolic sign such as the gas pump which represents the use of petrol to fill a car and is being shown with relation to the fact that if you use petrol you will only be able to afford an individual room on the bottom floor of the building where as the symbolic sign of the electric plug represents the people who use electricity to fuel their car and as a result can save more money to be able to afford to live in a much more luscious  living on the top floor in what could be a penthouse with an amazing view.

The advertisement displays that making the change from petrol to electricity to file your car effectively means that you will be able to afford to have a better lifestyle. The caption on the bottom of the advertisement, “Spend on everything else but gas” reinforces the images messages by stating that if you use an electric car you will be able to save a lot more money to spend on things other than just petrol.

As shown no matter how simple an image may seem there always may be a message behind it

#semioticsHere are some more of Volkswagens advertisments that are a good example of Semiotics

Here are some more of Volkswagens advertisements that are good examples of Semiotics

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